I have been contemplating about goals and personal progress since October, my birthday month. A reminder of another year passing always sparks reflection in me, and the motivation to move forward in chasing my dreams becomes almost obsessive. This year the feeling was particularly strong, especially with New Year’s resolutions reconfirming tenacious desires. Become a better designer, delve deeper into pottery, get more in touch with myself, move away from Vancouver.

If you’re wondering why I would want to move from Vancouver, there’s nothing wrong with it really. I mean, I love the city, but it’s expensive. Really expensive. I can’t see myself raising a family here, and I had always imagined myself living a more simple life. A garden. A pottery studio. A dog. A place nearby to go for an outdoor swim when it’s hot, and a cozy wood fire to cuddle up to when it’s chilly.

Early this year, Nathan and I began looking for a new place to live on the Sunshine Coast. We got really lucky, really fast.

More to come.